8 Things Artists Shouldn't Do But Probably Still Do

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Overcoming Habits That Hinder Artistic Growth

As artists, we are aware of certain practices we should avoid, but sometimes find ourselves falling into old habits. These habits, though familiar, can impede our artistic progress and hinder the improvement of our drawings.

In this article, we will explore eight common habits that artists should break free from to unleash their full creative potential. By understanding the reasons behind these habits, we can take steps towards overcoming them and embracing growth in our artistic journey.

Neglecting Fundamental Skills

One common mistake artists make is neglecting the fundamentals. Whether it's anatomy, perspective, or shading, mastering these basic skills provides a solid foundation for artistic growth.

By dedicating time to practice and refine these skills, artists can enhance their drawings and achieve a higher level of artistic competence.

Avoiding Critique and Feedback

Many artists shy away from seeking constructive criticism and feedback. However, feedback plays a crucial role in identifying areas for improvement. Embracing critique, whether from peers, mentors, or online communities, helps artists gain valuable insights and broaden their perspectives.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Constantly comparing ourselves to other artists can be detrimental to our artistic journey. It's essential to remember that each artist has a unique style and path. Instead of feeling discouraged, use others' work as inspiration and motivation to push your own boundaries.

Sticking to Comfort Zones

Comfort zones can be both cozy and limiting. As artists, it's important to challenge ourselves and explore new techniques, subjects, and mediums. Stepping out of our comfort zones fosters growth, sparks creativity, and broadens artistic horizons.

Focusing Solely on the End Result

While it's natural to strive for a stunning finished piece, solely fixating on the end result can hinder artistic progress. Embrace the artistic process, including experimentation, learning from mistakes, and enjoying the journey. Recognize that growth comes from the entire creative experience, not just the final outcome.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure often holds artists back from taking risks and trying new approaches. However, failure is a natural part of the creative process and offers valuable lessons. Embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth, learning, and discovering new techniques that can elevate your drawings.


Procrastination is a common struggle for artists, delaying progress and inhibiting productivity. Establishing a consistent schedule, setting achievable goals, and breaking tasks into manageable steps can help overcome the temptation to procrastinate.

Dedicate regular time to your art, even if it's just a few minutes each day, to maintain momentum and growth.

Disregarding Self-Care

Artistic growth is closely linked to self-care. Neglecting physical and mental well-being can hinder creativity and drain artistic energy. Prioritize rest, proper nutrition, exercise, and mental relaxation techniques to maintain a healthy balance. Nurturing your well-being enhances focus, inspiration, and overall artistic development.

Breaking free from these habits requires self-awareness, dedication, and a willingness to push beyond comfort zones.

By avoiding neglect of fundamental skills, seeking critique and feedback, embracing individuality, challenging comfort zones, appreciating the process, accepting failure, combating procrastination, and prioritizing self-care, artists can unlock their full potential and experience significant growth in their artistic journey.

So, let's overcome these habits together, embrace growth, and create art that truly reflects our artistic vision and capabilities.

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