Amazing Tutorial! Learn to Draw Faces

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Amazing Tutorial! Learn to Draw Faces

By watching this amazing tutorial, you can learn how to draw faces. The creator of this video will give you all the information and techniques you need to start drawing faces.

What is incredible is that it is simple and that we can have other points of view.

This step by step tutorial on how to draw faces can help you and you can also apply all these techniques in your next drawing projects.

We are sure you will like it and it will be very useful for you. Don't miss this great opportunity and get to work!

In this lesson, you will see how to draw a face and cover different approaches. You start by exploring the process of drawing a face from the front view.

In this series of steps, you cover the general locations of facial features and learn some proportional comparisons you can use to make sure your facial features are in the right place.

Many people make mistakes when drawing faces because they don't fully understand facial proportions. Proportion refers to the relationship of size and location between one object and another.

There are many formulas that can be adapted to draw facial features in the right place.

First, draw a circle with two lines that intersect directly in the center. The circle represents the top of the head. Use the intersection lines to determine the locations of the facial features.

Next, draw a square with each corner touching the circle. This square will eventually represent the edges of the face.

The top line will eventually become the bottom hairline. The bottom line will become the nose line, while the middle line will become the eyebrow line.

Now measure the distance between the middle line and the bottom line. You can use your pencil to do this.

From the bottom line of the square, use this measurement to mark the location of the bottom of the chin. Next, draw the edges of the chin on each side of the square so that they connect at the marked location.

You now have the basic structure of the face shape in place. Next, locate the eyes. We can use the height of the head to help us determine the location of the eyes on the face. The eyes are usually located in a line down the center of the head.

The eyebrow line is represented by the middle line. So you know that the eyes should be just below this line, in the center of the head.

Now that you know where our eyes are on the face, we can draw them. There is another measure to take into account. You also have to consider the width of the eyes. The width of the head, from ear to ear, is usually the same length as five "eyes".

This means that if we want to draw the eyes with precise proportions, we must draw them to match this approximate measurement.

If you want to learn more about how to draw a face step by step, check out this video tutorial which will give you all the information you need!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Drawing

Source: HamRib Art

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