Easy Extruder Projects to Elevate Your Pottery Creations

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Elevate Your Pottery Skills with These Easy Extruder Projects

Pottery is a versatile and captivating art form that allows for endless creativity. Whether you're a seasoned ceramic artist or a novice potter, exploring new techniques can always be an exciting endeavor.

In this article, we'll delve into a range of easy extruder projects that can be accomplished using simple tools found in your pottery studio or even at home. These projects are not only fun to undertake but can also add a unique flair to your pottery pieces.

The Magic of Extruders

Before we jump into the projects, let's briefly discuss what an extruder is and how it can enhance your pottery work.

An extruder is a tool that aids in creating consistent and precise clay shapes. It works by forcing clay through a shaped die or template, resulting in uniform forms that can be used in various pottery projects.

Extruders are available in different designs, including handheld and wall-mounted models, making them accessible to both beginners and experienced potters.

Creating Intriguing Handles

Unique Mug Handles

Mug handles are an essential part of pottery, and an extruder can help you create custom handles with ease. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to match the aesthetics of your mugs.

Materials Needed:

  • Clay
  • Extruder with handle dies
  • Wooden rib
  • Water and sponge


  • Prepare your clay by wedging it thoroughly.
  • Choose a handle die that suits your design preferences.
  • Load the extruder with clay and carefully extrude the handle.
  • Attach the handle to your mug, ensuring it's properly secured.
  • Use a wooden rib and water to smooth and blend the handle with the mug's body.

Enhancing Texture and Detail

Embossed Coasters

Adding texture to your pottery can elevate the overall look of your pieces. Create beautiful embossed coasters using your extruder.

Materials Needed:

  • Clay
  • Extruder with textured dies
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutter or template
  • Kiln


  • Select a textured die for your extruder.
  • Extrude a clay slab with the textured surface facing out.
  • Roll the slab flat with a rolling pin to the desired thickness.
  • Use a cookie cutter or template to cut out coaster-sized shapes.
  • Allow the coasters to dry completely before firing them in the kiln.

Versatile Vases

Geometric Vase

Designing vases with intricate shapes can be challenging, but with an extruder, you can effortlessly create geometric patterns for a contemporary look.

Materials Needed:

  • Clay
  • Extruder with custom geometric dies
  • Wooden rib
  • Kiln


  • Choose a geometric die for your extruder that matches your vision.
  • Extrude several lengths of clay using the chosen die.
  • Arrange the extruded pieces to form the desired vase shape.
  • Use a wooden rib to smooth and blend the seams.
  • Allow the vase to dry thoroughly before firing it in the kiln.

The world of pottery is filled with endless possibilities, and incorporating an extruder into your projects can open up a whole new realm of creativity.

These easy extruder projects are just the tip of the iceberg, as you can explore countless other designs and ideas to add intrigue and uniqueness to your pottery pieces.

So, don't hesitate to experiment, and let your imagination run wild in your pottery studio or even from the comfort of your home. Happy potting!

We thank Little Street Pottery for the images.

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