Learn How to Draw Bodies

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Learn How to Draw Bodies

With this video tutorial, you can learn how to draw bodies! The creator of this video will give you all the necessary instructions to be able to do it so that you can improve your drawing techniques.

Drawing a human body is a difficult project, but we think this tutorial will help you a lot because it's perfect for beginners or people who want a certain body style.

We are sure it will be very useful to you! Do not miss this great opportunity, you will love this technique! Get to work and start drawing.

To draw a human figure well, you need to understand proportion, gesture, and human anatomy.

The proportions of human bodies vary greatly, but these basic rules can help you keep body parts in scale. The basic proportion of the average person is seven heads.

If you draw a front view of a standing person and start with the head, you can measure the total body length as seven such head lengths.

The bottom of the pectoralis major, or chest muscles, is about two heads down. The third head down aligns with the navel and the fourth head aligns with the bottom of the pelvis.

If you return your attention to the head, you can start drawing the facial features. The eyes tend to be slightly above the middle and the tip of the nose ends halfway between the eyes and the chin.

The distance between the nose and the top of the head is the same as the distance between the nose and the top of the rib cage.

Remember that this varies from person to person. Observation is more important than using a system, and you don't want everyone you draw to look exactly alike.

From the top of your head, you can measure five heads down in a straight line, starting with your knees a little lower. The calves or shins should be about halfway to the sixth head.

Finally, the feet will end at the bottom of this length of the seventh head. For feet, it is often helpful to think of them as general triangular shapes.

Rise to the top of your ribcage, and build collarbones like bicycle handlebars. Arms stick out. In general, the wrist will line up with the pelvic bone and the hand will grow below it.

Draw the neck as a cylinder. If you are drawing a side view, remember that the neck slopes slightly forward from the rib cage and the ear starts halfway between the forehead and the back of the head.

The angle of the hips, the arch of the back, and the position of the limbs can bring a person's design to life. Once you have located these three main masses which are the head, rib cage and pelvis, you will have the basic structure of the upper body.

But you have to start by finding the rhythmic relationship between the first two masses, the head and the rib cage.

If you want to know more about how to draw a body, watch this video tutorial which will give you all the information you need!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Drawing

Source: Likelihood Art

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