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You may suddenly find that you have a lot more free time on your hands. The likelihood that she'll spend that time scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something good to watch, is pretty high.

Well, Netflix recently added 21 Studio Ghibli movies to watch. So here's a little introduction to Studio Ghibli and some of our favorites.

Studio Ghibli is a powerhouse of Japanese animation. Founded in 1985, Studio Ghibli has produced numerous feature films, several short films, television commercials, and even a few video games.

Studio Ghibli's name comes from the Arabic word "Ghibli" which means "hot wind from the Sahara" animation.

But Ghibli was also the name of an Italian plane used during World War II, flight is a common theme in Studio Ghibli movies as Miyazaki is said to have loved planes and flying.

Unlike other animation giants, Ghibli still uses traditional hand-drawn animation methods.

This means that film production takes time because each frame of the film must be drawn by hand (Studio Ghibli films are typically 24 frames per second) and then animated together. CGI is used in some movies, but it's only about 10% of the final version.

Many common themes appear in Studio Ghibli films. These include environmentalism (especially atomic bomb damage), childhood, community, flight, multiple worlds, and Japanese and European mythology.

Ghibli's first official film was Castle in the Sky in 1986, and the most recent Ghibli film is When Marnie was There, released in 2014. Studio Ghibli temporarily halted production after When Marnie was There due to Miyazaki's retirement.

But in 2017, Miyazaki came out of retirement from him specifically to work on How Do You Live? which is currently in production.

The influence of studio Ghibli in the industry

Studio Ghibli influences the industry by making creative, original and new films. Various recurring themes of pacifism, environmentalism, and coming of age are what Studio Ghibli excels at compared to the rest of the film industry.

To do this, they have to start from scratch and build different aspects of the movies, which are different elements of animation. These elements often include world building, movement, and character design.

In all of Ghibli's films, Miyazaki takes viewers into the world he created through masterful animation and attention to detail.

Studio Ghibli creates immersive and unique stories that strike a balance between reality and fantasy. No matter how whimsical or imaginative the story, the world of a Ghibli movie feels consistently tangible and realistic.

Studio Ghibli often incorporates seemingly unimportant actions and elements, such as characters sharing a meal or doing chores, or just sitting there, but they actually play an important role in interacting with the audience and bringing them into the world where it takes place the movie.

Yes now! you can create a work with the Ghibli style! This tutorial will show you! The video shows the step by step so that you can follow it without problems so that you can learn and recreate beautiful bushes.

You will need to have your gouache and brushes ready to paint a landscape that will make you create a wonderful story. We hope you enjoy it!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Gouache

Source: Dhanisha Geerdharry

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