Top 10 Gouache Brands for Beginners

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Top 10 Gouache Brands for Beginners

By watching this video, you will know which are the 10 best brands of gouache for beginners and artists.

The creator of this video will compare the different types of gouache she has used so far and recommend the best brands of gouache you can use.

You will be able to see what the characteristics of each of these brands are and how they work.

If you are a beginner, this video will be of great help to you because you can know which brand to use for your next projects. We hope that all this information will be useful to you!

Sometimes called opaque watercolor, gouache is a popular water-based paint used by artists and designers. Its opacity, shine and matte finish make it a favorite choice for illustration work, including posters and comics.

Although you can purchase these paints individually, the best way to immerse yourself in all that this medium has to offer is with a set.

Whether you are new to painting, a student or a professional, the best gouache paints have been selected here to help you get started.

Among them are renowned brands such as Winsor & Newton and Holbein, offering a variety of soft colors that can be used as is or mixed together to create a more diverse palette.

Gouache is composed of pigments and binders, similar to watercolor. Except that it contains a lot more pigments. This means that cheap gouache will never work properly.

So don't make this mistake. Buy some good quality poster paint to start with and make it easy for yourself. It is much easier to achieve good coverage with high quality paint.

The difference between cheap gouache and quality gouache. For those of quality, the colors are much more opaque and without streaks. For the cheaper ones, the colors are more striped and uneven.

Gouache from the designers of Winsor and Newton

This gouache paint is so thick and opaque. The paint dries to a beautiful matte finish. It's much easier to use than the cheap stuff.

The set includes 6 colors: Zinc White, Ivory Black, Medium Permanent Green, Primary Red, Primary Yellow, and Primary Blue.

The colors are easy to mix and I can get a good variety of colors.

Plus, the colors are super vibrant. Not looking for bright colors? Simply mix an opposite color on the color wheel to blur the color.

The colors are combined to create a variety of beautiful shades. Red and blue create the most beautiful purple ever.

Holbein Gouache

The paint is very creamy and you will love painting with it. The mixing kit is small, but since the paint is very pigmented, a little is enough.

The paint rewets fairly well. You can even make a gouache palette with these paints.

Also included in this top 10 are: Staedtler brushes, Arteza gouache, Himi gouache, Lukas gouache, Turner acrylic gouache, Holbein acrylic gouache, etc.

If you want to know the information and characteristics of these 10 gouache paints, watch this amazing video!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Gouache

Source: Visual Mind

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