Enhance Your Paintings with a Tonal Wash: Tips and Tricks

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How to Change the Feel of Your Painting with a Tonal Wash: Tips and Tricks

Painting is a form of art that allows you to express yourself in many different ways. However, sometimes you may find that your painting needs a little extra something to make it stand out.

One technique that can help you achieve this is a tonal wash. In this video tutorial, we'll explore how to use a tonal wash to change the feel of your painting.

A tonal wash is a thin layer of paint that is applied over the entire surface of your painting. The color you choose for your wash can have a big impact on the overall mood of your painting.

In this video, the creator uses burnt Sienna as the wash color to warm up the painting. However, you can use any color that you think will improve the overall feel of your painting.

To do a tonal wash, you will need to mix a small amount of paint with water to create a thin, runny consistency. Then, using a large brush, apply the wash over the entire surface of your painting.

The key is to work quickly and not let the paint dry before you have covered the entire surface. Once the wash is applied, you can adjust the intensity of the color by adding more layers if needed.

This technique is particularly useful if you are painting a scene that feels too cool or too flat. By using a tonal wash, you can instantly warm up the painting and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, this technique can be used to adjust the feel of any painting, regardless of the subject matter.

Whether you want to warm up a scene or cool it down, this technique can help you achieve your desired result. So, next time you feel like your painting needs a little extra something, give a tonal wash a try and see the difference it can make.

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