Learn How to Paint Roses with Acrylic - 3 EASY STEPS

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Using these 3 easy steps, you will learn how to paint a rose in acrylic! The video tutorial is real-time, step-by-step, along with some acrylic painting techniques the artist uses.

You will learn basic painting techniques such as mixing colors, building layers and adding details. You will see that by following this tutorial it will be very easy for you to paint these beautiful roses. Don't worry, anyone can do it!

Perfect for beginners, after completing this tutorial you will know how to recreate a beautiful cabbage rose in any color you like.

You can use this one-pass technique to paint roses on your own project, such as on rocks, glass, wood, etc.

Here you will learn the 3 step process for easy and simple 3D rose painting. You can paint these roses as part of a bouquet or on their own, either way, they will look absolutely stunning!

You love using this method because you will get beautiful roses every time without any hassle.

Choosing your acrylic paint color is the fun part! Roses are available in a variety of colors ranging from red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, etc. You can't choose the wrong color, wear one that catches your eye.

In terms of acrylic paint, you can also use any light/heavy acrylic paint or craft paint. Just make sure it's opaque acrylic paint, not transparent.

Using a small round brush, take some of your main paint colors and use small, curved strokes to fill in your rose shape. The shape of the line resembles commas or mini boomerangs.

The strokes should also look like they are slightly overlapping, like on a real rose. The outer petals look like angular triangles.

The comma strokes don't have to be perfect either, as they will cover the paints in the following steps. Trust yourself and know that your rose will be beautiful in the end.

For more rose petal inspiration, you can take a look at photos of real roses. You'll find that looking at a reference photo can be a big help when painting roses.

Clean your brush and collect some of the shadow colors on your brush. Use the same comma stroke and paint in your rose petal shadows. Try to fill in the white space around and between your strokes.

Clean your brush and collect some of the highlighted colors on your brush. Starting in the middle of your rose, paint a few more comma strokes (petals) to the outer petals.

These lines will be slightly bigger because they are the outer petals. Also, the reason you don't add the highlight petals in the middle of the rose is to make the rose look more 3D and create depth.

And don't worry if your highlighted comma strokes overlap the layers below, they're supposed to too! It doesn't matter which ones you cover either.

Just make sure some of the main color and shadow color are still visible in some places. We want some of the shadows and main colors to be visible.

If you want to know how to finish this beautiful rose, watch this amazing video tutorial. We are sure you will love the result!

Images courtesy of Katie Jobling Art

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Painting

Source: Katie Jobling Art

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