Uncover the Secrets: 10 Famous Artworks Hiding Mysterious Messages

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Top 10 art mysteries that will blow your mind: From missing masterpieces to unidentified subjects

Check out these unsolved mysteries of the art world! This top 10 list of hidden messages in famous art has some bizarre unexplained secrets to this day!

  1. La Bella Principessa: In 1998, an art dealer from New York purchased this study, which depicted the head and shoulders of a young woman, for just under $22,000 from Christie’s. She sold it in 2007 to a Canadian collector, claiming it was based on a number of paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  2. The Image of Jane Austen: A painting known as the ‘Rice’ portrait has sparked debate over whether it is of a young Jane Austen or someone else altogether.
  3. Who owns “Dancer Making Points”?: This stunning image, painted by Degas, is valued at a whopping 10 million dollars, but it’s not entirely clear who the rightful owner is, as it seems to have changed hands in mysterious ways.
  4. Who was the Girl with a Pearl Earring?: The girl with a pearl earring, painted by Johannes Vermeer, is one of the most famous images in the art world but the identity of the subject remains a mystery.
  5. How did Van Gogh Die?: The true mystery surrounding the artist behind Starry Night, Sunflowers, and Self-portrait with bandaged ear, is how did he die?
  6. The Battle of Anghiari: A painting commissioned by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503 for the Great Council Hall in Florence, but the original has been lost.
  7. The Biggest Heist in History: In 1990 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, 13 works were stolen in what is considered the biggest art heist in history, the art and the thieves have not been found.
  8. The Identity of Banksy: Banksy, a freehand graffiti artist in Bristol, UK, is known for his humor, satire, and anti-establishment ethos. The identity of the artist remains a mystery.
  9. The Original Mona Lisa: There are questions about who the person depicted in the painting is, but more curious is whether the one on display is even a likeness of a real person in the first place.
  10. The Object in “David’s” Hand: Michelangelo’s “David” is the most recognizable sculpture in the world and there’s a mystery surrounding it, and how complete it actually is.

The Art World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

These unsolved mysteries of the art world continue to captivate and intrigue art lovers and experts alike.

From the true identity of the subject in paintings like "La Bella Principessa" and "Girl with a Pearl Earring" to the mysterious disappearances of artworks like "The Battle of Anghiari" and "Dancer Making Points", these unsolved cases have sparked countless theories and debates.

In the case of "La Bella Principessa", many experts believe that the painting is indeed a work of Leonardo Da Vinci, despite the fact that it remained unidentified for centuries.

The discovery of certain technical and stylistic similarities with other known works by the artist has led many to believe that it is an authentic painting.

The mystery surrounding the "Rice" portrait of Jane Austen continues to be a topic of discussion among scholars and art historians.

While some experts believe that the portrait is true of the famous author, others argue that the subject is another woman entirely.

Similarly, the true identity of the subject in "Girl with a Pearl Earring" remains a mystery, with some experts suggesting that the girl was a real person, while others argue that she is a fictional character.

In the end, these unsolved mysteries of the art world remind us that art is not just about aesthetics, but also about the stories and secrets that lie behind each piece.

They continue to inspire curiosity and wonder, and keep us searching for answers for years to come.

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Source: Origins Explained

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