The Difference Between Watercolor Pencils, Markers & Sticks

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The Difference Between Watercolor Pencils, Markers & Sticks

You probably know that there are not only watercolor paints, but also watercolor pencils, markers, sticks, and crayons. Now knowing all these options makes things a bit more complicated!

But I'm here to make it easy for you! We show you the difference between watercolor pencils, markers, sticks, and crayons and tell you if you really need these things!

Watercolor pencils

  • You can use them just like regular colored pencils, but they are water soluble.
  • Portable, more convenient, and generally less expensive than watercolor paints.
  • Create small details and fine lines.
  • You can use these in addition to regular watercolors

Watercolor markers

  • You can use them as regular markers but also as watercolors by adding a little bit of water.
    they contain more pigment and are very vibrant compared to watercolor pencils
  • They can have different tips, create lines of different shapes.
  • Portable, can be used for simple paintings or urban sketches if you have a brush with a water tank
  • It can be used for lines, coloring larger areas, and creating effects.

Watercolor sticks

  • It can be applied to your watercolor paper and dissolved with a damp brush.
    not easy to sharpen so it can be difficult to create details and lines
  • Water Soluble Sticks vs Watercolor Pencils
  • You don't know the ingredients of regular watercolor pencils or their light fastness, they can all behave differently!

Watching this video tutorial you will really know what is the difference between watercolor pencils, markers and sticks.

The creator of this video will talk about the basics and techniques of how to paint with watercolor pencils, how to paint with watercolor markers, and how to paint with watercolor sticks or crayons so you know what they are, how, and when to use them if necessary.

In addition, you will also be able to know how these differ from normal watercolor paintings. We hope that all this information will be very helpful for your next projects!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Watercolor

Source: makoccino

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