The Difference Between Watercolors In Pans, Tubes & Liquid Watercolors

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The Difference Between Watercolors In Pans, Tubes & Liquid Watercolors

Do you know what is the difference between watercolors and watercolors? There are watercolors in a pot, in a tube and liquid watercolors in a pot.

But do you know what they have in common or what are the differences, differences in use, advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

Nope? Rest assured, you are not alone and today we are going to discover the differences between watercolor buckets, tubes and liquid watercolors!



  • made of pigments, binders, different additives
    half or full pans
    set or individually.


  • cream-like form
  • made of pigments, binders, additives
  • different sizes from 5 to 37ml
  • set or individually.

Liquid watercolors

  • made of pigment
  • prediluted in distilled water
  • separate bottles or in a set
  • pipette on the lid for easy distribution

Activating And Mixing

Watercolor trays only require a little water to activate directly in the tray.

You can then load your brush with paint and start painting immediately using the paint on the brush or you can place the paint on a mixing palette to adjust the intensity or mix the color you want.

The watercolors in tubes are ready to paint, but first you need to define some colors.

Simply squeeze the paint into a mixing paddle, and depending on the desired color intensity, add water to the paint. The mixing paddle is usually not included and must be purchased separately.

With liquid watercolors, you can start painting immediately. Using a mixing paddle, you can adjust the intensity or mix any color you like while keeping the original bottle clean.

Watching this video you can learn the difference between watercolors in containers, tubes and liquid watercolors.

The creator of this video will not only talk about the difference between tubes vs pans or how to choose between watercolor tubes and pans, but she will also teach you how to use watercolors in tubes, watercolors pans and how to use liquid watercolors.

We think this video will help you a lot if you are a beginner or just want to figure out what to use for your next project. Do not miss this opportunity!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Watercolor

Source: makoccino

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